A New Addition To The Homestead

Homesteaders with cow raised for beef
Sir Loin, a steer we raised for beef

Hey all,

I have been floating for the whole last week. As I have mentioned before, even as experienced homesteaders, we are always learning and always looking for ways to improve our homestead. This past week, my family finally achieved a longtime dream!

A New Addition to the Homestead

We were able to buy and bring home a little half angus and half holstein heifer. We have wanted to have one for a very long time because we could raise our own beef using a cow instead of always having to bottle feed. Meet Pilonsita!

A new addition to the homestead

Even though, we wanted to have as big of a homestead as we have now, we didn’t start out with a lot of animals. We started out learning with chickens and a garden. Later, we progressed to raising rabbits. Then once we had those down, we progressed to ducks, turkeys, and eventually dairy goats. Last of all, we started raising bottle calves. Now, we are taking the next big learning curve. We will raise Pilonsita up to maturity and breed her.

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Until next time,

Homestead in Health Ya’ll,



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