A new English Shepherd puppy

Lista our English Shepherd puppy

A new English Shepherd puppy

Hey all,

One of the things that can be both fun and hard about homesteading is the fact that the animals don’t live forever. I don’t think I mentioned (or I might have) that last November, my family lost our 14 year old beagle. My folks house has felt pretty empty without Belle. But the thing is, we hadn’t been doing homesteading at the scale that we are now, when we originally got Belle as a puppy. You learn how to improve your homestead as you go. Since beagles are a hunting breed, and we don’t hunt rabbits with dogs ourselves since we raise rabbits for meat, another beagle wouldn’t really suit us.

After doing tons of research (and I really urge you all to really research any breed of dog that you think you might want), we finally settled on a breed. As a matter of fact, on this past Saturday, May 18, we brought home a puppy. Meet Lista! She is an English shepherd puppy. If you haven’t heard of this breed before, here is a link to a previous post that I had written about these fantastic dogs: https://www.homesteadingedu.com/homestead-helpers-and-guardians-part-2/

One of the things that I have noticed since bringing Lista home, is how much smarter she is than any of my previous puppies, including my boxer. She is brilliant! She is also a very clingy puppy. She wants to be everywhere her people are. This is a good thing. She wants to be involved in what ever her pack is currently involved in.

Lista learning about farm work
Lista going with me during chores to learn all about the farm.

The other thing I have noticed about Lista, is that she has a very gentle nature. Her play drive is so much lower than any other puppy that I have previously worked with. This is a good thing when it comes to the livestock. She doesn’t have a lot of inclination to chase. I have heard that the English shepherd is a gentler herding dog that will still get the job done. So far, Lista has definitely shown the gentler side.

She also is very very sensitive by nature. Lista wants to do the right thing the first time you tell her to.  It only took her four days from the time that she came home,  to have a day where she didn’t have any accidents in the house. I was told by the sister of her breeder that she was doing excellently at house training before she arrived here and that it’s not uncommon for her female English Shepherds to house train easily. I am looking forward to having Lista help us around the farm. You can watch her grow up on our Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/homesteadingedu/?hl=en

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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