A Wild Treat

A Wild Treat

My family grows as many varieties of fruits and veggies as we can on the homestead. Some of what we eat though, volunteers as wild plants. There is one that we especially love. Lambs quarters! Lambs quarters is more like a wild spinach than anything resembling a part of a sheep.

I’m not sure why it was named that. I’ve always thought it was an interesting choice of name for this savory, wild grown plant.  We use lambs quarters much like we would use spinach. It is delicious with sesame seeds and soy sauce on it.

We also blanche it and freeze it for later use as well as using it fresh. Lambs quarters is considered invasive in the garden, however, so be forewarned that it will need to be regularly harvested to keep it under control. I’m sure that aside from use for food for people, rabbits and other herbivores would love eating it. I know that my horses clear it out whenever they find it.

Lambs quarters after they have been cooked and are ready to eat.

A few interesting facts about lambs quarters:

Did you know that lambs quarters are found pretty close to around the globe? It is. It’s found in both north and south America, Japan, Australia, one area of the eastern side of New Zealand, around the eastern side of the African continent, parts of China, Russia, and in several European countries.

Did you know that the Cherokee people used it before they had corn? They did. They ate the seeds similarly to how they ate corn. It was also eaten by the Blackfeet people from at least 1600 on.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning a few things about a plant that many consider a weed, but is very good eating.

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1 thought on “A Wild Treat”

  1. Great article on Lamb’s Quarter, Emily. You have a flair for writing. It made me wish it were April already, so I could go gather some from our garden.

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