The Adventures and Challenges of Homesteading Hi All, My name is Jerreth and as a young girl, my Grandma used to call me her farm girl. She was right. From the very beginning, I loved that whole lifestyle. I love to be self sufficient in growing my own fruit, veggies and meat. I like to produce the energy that I consume and as much as possible do only that which is good for the environment. For me, the work is a labor of love and is relaxing. I enjoy working with my hands and always learning. I have seen how producing what we eat enables us to eat better at a cheaper price. The exercise provides me with a healthy lifestyle. It seems that for the last 35+ years, wherever we go, we have been involved in helping people produce their own food in an inexpensive, sustainable way. I am a teacher at heart and without looking for it, we always seem to have an endless stream of people asking us to help them with all things homesteading. Walter visited us in 2014 and observed this. Hence the idea of a website to help people was born. It has been way more complicated than we ever imagined to pull everything together, but onward ho! People asking for help has not let up. Our vision is to set people up for success in self-sufficiency. It is a wonderful thing to have what you need on hand and to be able to produce that which you consume! I have been a licensed teacher since the early 80’s and now have an MS in Instructional Design for Online Learning. This website and its’ courses pull together many of the things I love to do in an effort to help others enjoy the same. May you enjoy many blessings! - Jerreth

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Homemade Cleaning Supplies that Work!

With the craziness of today’s world, I thought it could be helpful to share a couple of recipes for homemade cleaning supplies .  Life has it’s hiccups and having some alternatives up your sleeve is helpful. It can be helpful to have some alternatives ready for “life’s hiccups.” The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier …

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