Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Baby Goat bottle feeding

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This past week, our steer got himself into a predicament. He was being a typical bovine and wedged himself between a tree and a fence to the point that he couldn’t get out. Well, he might have been able to back up if he used his brain but being the typical steer, forward was the only way he believed he could go. Thankfully, he did not also do another typical bovine in a bind act…..panic. Cattle can be claustrophobic when they feel trapped. So, why didn’t Brisket panic? How did we get him out of his fix?

It all goes back to how Brisket was brought up. Brisket was raised on a bottle. We got him as a little baby and he trusts us like no calf raised on it’s mother will do. Because of that, George was able to tell Brisket to stay put a moment. Brisket held still, and George was able to cut the fence loose so that Brisket could go the direction that was the only path his brain saw as the way out.

Another reason why we choose to bottle feed, is because we can know exactly how much each baby is eating and how they are eating. If anyone starts not feeling well, we will catch it sooner rather than later. Then too, in the case of our goats, if the momma gets really sick, the babies very likely won’t since we cream line pasteurize the milk. So, the babies will get the good bacteria that the cream line pasteurization doesn’t kill, and the bad bacteria and germs will have been killed off.

If your have any questions about bottle raising, feel free to ask. We are glad to help. Also, we do have some book recommendations on our website that you can take a look at.

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