Red Wine Velvet Sweet Potato
11 March

A Gardening Tip From The Homestead

Hey all, At this time of year on the homestead, we are starting to garden. Right now, we have been getting our tomatoes and sweet potatoes started. This brought up a gardening tip that I thought all of you might …

broody Buckeye hens - heritage birds - on today's Preserving Eggs blog post
07 March

Preserving Eggs

At this time of year, we are getting a ton of eggs on the homestead. It’s a wonderful thing! But now is the time to be thinking ahead. Have you ever considered what you will do when the birds slow …

Heritage birds - a breeding trio of turkeys and a tough lesson in Homesteading is Hard
07 March

Homesteading is Hard

It’s true. Homesteading is hard. Granted, we began our homesteading journey in December, in bitter cold, in high winds. And we thought we knew what we were doing, to some degree. Well, now we’re finding out. Homesteading is hard. Turkeys. …

pumpkin soup, squash soup, pumpkin/chicken soup
03 March

Pumpkin Chicken Soup

    Print Recipe Pumpkin Chicken Soup A delicious soup which is warming to the stomach, yet not overly spicy. This recipe is pretty flexible. We’ve used rabbit, chicken and even bacon, in place of julieenned ham. Prep Time 20 …

Favorite bubbly beverage - water kefir
25 February

A Favorite Bubbly Beverage

A Favorite Bubbly Beverage I know! I know! As soon as you saw the title, you probably were wondering what alcoholic beverage I was referring to. Actually, our favorite bubbly beverage on the homestead is water kefir. It’s not considered …

Tarahumara Pink Green Bean
17 February

Old Friends In The Garden

George wrote another article that brings back a lot of memories for me from Mexico. I  was the kid who appropriated some of his seed, mostly because I found some that had a map of Mexico on them and I …

Victory Seeds
14 February

Victory Seeds

Victory Seeds® is one of the better seed companies out there. There was a time when I used to be a seed catalog addict and could have spent way more time than I had, perusing seed catalogs. Over the years, somehow, the …

14 February

Sick Homesteaders – What Do You Do?

We’re the new homesteaders, having moved to our acreage just two months ago today. And we’re sick homesteaders.  I wondered, prior to our move, what would happen if we were disabled. There are three of us – me, Hunny and …