pumpkin soup, squash soup, pumpkin/chicken soup
28 December

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup – A Great Squash Meal for Winter One can grow a lot of pumpkin without a whole lot of effort. Some kinds will keep for about a year, without refrigeration. This makes pumpkin (or squash, if you prefer …

Our new country neighbors, the cows
26 December

Moving to the Country

Moving to the Country Y’all are singing the song, right? Gonna eat a lot of peaches. Seriously, though, the urban homesteaders have finally moved to the country! If you’re not following HomesteadingEdu on FaceBook, you sure should be! That’s where …

Duggar homemade liquid laundry soap
23 December

Christmas Savings

Christmas Savings Hey all, With Christmas literally just days away, I got to thinking about how we go about saving money for Christmas and other times of the year. Here’s one thing we do. As homesteaders, my family is always …

Add Homesteadingedu to your phone
10 December

A New Discovery

Hey all, I try to keep a lifestyle of learning, and recently I made a new discovery through an online class which I then tried with the HomesteadingEdu web page. The class had me use the Safari app to add …

Sourdough rye bread
18 November

The Best Bread

The Best Bread When I was growing up in Mexico, my family had primarily white bread that was interspersed with corn bread. So, while I wasn’t picky about other foods, I wasn’t too keen on bread that goes crunch. However, …

Goat Kids - The Sorrowful Side
07 November

Homesteading Leads to a Longer Life

Homesteading Leads to a Longer Life I know you’re questioning the veracity of this statement. I know you are. But I have an expert’s word for it. Homesteading leads to a longer life. Dan Beuttner’s Ted Talk indicates that there …