Mushrooms and a variety of squashes from our homestead.
22 October

Making Your Homestead Pay – Part 1

Making Your Homestead Pay – Part 1 Homesteading can be more than just a way to feed yourself. You can both save and make money by homesteading. We’ve helped ourselves out by raising as much as we need and more. …

Baby Goat bottle feeding
19 October

How We Got Into Goats

Chief was purebred Nubian and one of our first goats. When I was growing up, my mother had two hard and fast rules about the animals her children were allowed to have. No snakes, no alligators, and oh yeah there was …

George carries Bucky, a katahdin lamb, on his shoulders
19 October

Goat or Sheep – Which Is It?

Goat or Sheep – Which Is It? A few days ago I saw this video on Facebook As is the case with most things on the internet there were people wanting to argue that the animal in the video is …

19 October

Homesteading The Good Life

Homesteading; The Good Life Life when you have a homestead is rich! Oh, it’s certainly a lot of work, no doubt about it, but the life quality is excellent! For example, right now on our farm, we are enjoying fresh …

19 October

Balancing Homesteading Life Part 2

Balancing The Homesteading Life Part 2 Hey all, I’m sharing part 2 of my multiple part series on simplifying your life and making your homestead not turn stressful for you. You need to keep a balance. So, with that said, …

19 October

Balancing The Homesteading Life

Balancing The Homesteading Life Hey all, This next topic that I’m going to be writing about will be coming in a series. This is just part one of that series. I wanted to talk to you all about something that …

19 October

In Case Of Emergency

In Case of Emergency Hey all, I’ve heard that this winter is supposed to be a doozy here in the central/southern part of the United States. I thought I’d share some of what my family has learned about being ready …

Did you know that wild hibiscus is both delicious and healthy? Jamaica roselle
29 September

Wild Hibiscus: Wonder Plant!

Wild Hibiscus: Barely Known in The United States Have you ever run across a plant which is rare, yet shouldn’t be? I have! Perhaps the best example of such a plant is Wild Hibiscus  (Hibiscus sabdariffa). It’s known by several …