20 June

Turkey Season on the Homestead

Turkey Season On The Homestead It’s turkey season on the homestead. Not in the way that most of you would assume I mean when I say it’s turkey season, although if I remember correctly it is also turkey hunting season. …

20 June

Frankenstein Bug

The Frankenstein Bug In 2011, I started working a night shift job. One night, I was cleaning as usual, when I encountered a bug that looked like it had been through a nuclear attack. The Frankenstein bug. This sucker had …

20 June

Good Snakes

The Good Snake I am not a fan of snakes. But even I have to admit there are good snakes, and I am working on overcoming the fear of snakes. A few weeks ago we spotted one on the farm …

20 June

Out With The Ants

Out With The Ants Every year around April or May, our homestead gets invaders – ants. They are small invaders but can be very damaging to the house, and our wallets. After years of trying different things to get rid …

Taffy the mouser farm cat caught grass
07 May

Why a Barn Cat?

Why a Barn Cat? Cats are admittedly adorable, and entertaining to watch. However, most people prefer to keep a cat inside. So why keep a barn cat? After all, there’s rat poison or rat traps that can be used to …

Goat Kids - The Sorrowful Side
15 March

Goat Kids – The Sorrowful Side

Goat Kids – The Sorrowful Side One of the hardest things that you will have to face living the homesteading lifestyle is losing an animal. As homesteaders, we strive very hard to give our animals happy, healthy lives, and gentle …