Bringing Home A New Species?

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Bringing Home A New Species?

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Over a period of years, my family has gradually grown our homestead to include several different species of animals. Over the course of those years, I have observed that there are questions that need asked and answering before you bring home any new animal.

Here are some questions to ask before bringing home a new species to your homestead:


1. What are the specific needs you have that you need a particular type of animal to fill?

This is an important question to ask yourself because it can help prevent you from making an impulse purchase of an animal. This is actually a problem I see with new and enthusiastic homesteaders.

2. Have you done your research on the species you are considering?

Different types of animals have different types of needs to keep them safe and healthy. It would be easy to buy an animal, and discover that the fencing that you thought was adequate, has now been escaped out of. Or, to discover that something you thought would be just fine with one animal, is very unhappy by itself because it’s a herd or flock animal and you don’t have space for very many.

3. Speaking of space, if it’s a grazing animal, how many animals can your field hold and how many do you currently have?

While it’s true that different species of animals will graze on different plants, it’s still important to factor in how many of each type can your field easily keep. It’s easy to over graze a field and can take years to recover one once it has been over grazed.

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4. Finally, though not least, can you afford the care of another species?

Once you know all of the above about the type of animal you are considering for your homestead, you need to be certain of your finances. You don’t want to buy something only to discover that you can’t care for it long term, and need to eat it before it’s as big as you wanted, or have to try to sell it, and hope you can get a half decent price for it.

Any way, these are just some things to consider when you are thinking of adding another species to your homestead.

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Homestead In Health, Y’all!



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