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Screenshot from The Sample Seed Shop, showing some of the “flavor of this seed company.”

Remy Orlowski owns the Sample Seed Shop  and also manages it. It is an Internet based business. How would I describe this company? I have to admit, I’ve never seen a seed company website which looks or acts like this one. In some ways it reminds me of a blog. When I read through it I often wish I could find a “like” button or a place to comment, as the descriptions almost seem to ask for interaction, they are that good. To find a specific kind of seed, one clicks on the corresponding tab. Some crops have more than one tab, but it’s easy to adjust to this arrangement.

This website exudes community. The owner knows many of the sources of her seeds.

The online catalog includes some great excerpts of informative customer comments and other information at the tail end of tabs. All are very pertinent to gardening and seed saving. If one were look for a specific comment, they might be slightly frustrated, not immediately finding it, but this website is meant to be browsed and enjoyed. Browsing this site I get the impression that some of the best people in the seed saving community are connected to The Sample Seed Shop.  

This seed company provides much fascinating information on the seeds it offers.

Browsing this website is kind of nostalgic for me. Over the years Remy and I have developed a good many common friendships and grown some of the same things a they surfaced via the fellowship of various Internet gardening forums. Remy often gives some history with the variety descriptions. Oftentimes we’ve touched and been touched by some of the same people… and their plants.

aka. White Dutch Pole Bean, this is a relatively rare, multipurpose bean, maintained by the Orlowski family and sold through The Sample Seed Shop.

Be sure to check out the Bean Reference Tab, which gives even more varietal info on beans.

The Sample Seed Shop does purchase some of the more common seeds from larger distributors, but the Orlowski family grows the majority of its listings themselves, and the most unique varieties invariably are from Remy’s personal collection. She’s obtained these rare varieties through seed saving interactions with original sources. When Remy describes a variety, she speaks from experience. She’s not just selling seeds. She’s sharing her “garden friends” with her gardening friends. In spite of this personal touch, which takes much time and work, The Sample Seed Shop has a very respectable inventory of seeds.

This is a seed company which produces much of its own seed!

The Sample Seed Shop has a loyal following. I suspect that those who regularly use this seed company find that it’s like visiting an old friend over the back yard fence. Prices are reasonable and every review I’ve read indicates that orders are shipped in a timely matter. 

Even if you already buy seeds from somebody else, I’d recommend that you drop in on The Sample Seed Shop and check it out! There’s plenty to be learned there and the ambiance is great!

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