Cooking The Free Range Raised Chicken


Cooking The Free Range Raised Chicken


Hey all,

Back around Christmas, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who I found out did not know how to roast a duck. That’s not too surprising because most people in America seem to not eat duck very often. However, it got me thinking. Cooking a free range raised duck or chicken is very different from cooking a store bought bird. The store bought birds are younger. Especially the chicken. Those were mere chicks at butchering time.

Because of this, there is a big difference in how to cook your free range raised chicken. So, I thought I’d share in this blog, how I like to cook my free range raised chickens. I’ll address how we like to cook our ducks in the next week’s blog post.

What you will need in preparation to cook your chicken:

· Obviously you will need a cleaned and plucked chicken. I like to eat the kidneys, heart and liver so we usually put those in the body cavity of the bird after we clean it.

· A casserole dish or a deep metal pan

· Creole seasoning or if you would rather, lemon and salt.

Heat your oven to 350 F. Place your chicken in it’s dish or pan. If you want lemon and salt on it, rub the lemon juice on the body of the bird and then sprinkle salt over it. Otherwise, just sprinkle creole seasoning liberally over your bird.


Pop it in the oven at 350 F. I don’t cover my birds because it makes for a nice crispy skin if you don’t cover them.  It will take a few hours to cook. The older the bird, the longer it will need to cook for. The key to cooking older birds is low and slow.


You will know when your bird is done when you can easily pull a  leg off and the meat wants to just fall off of that leg. Once it does that, dinner is ready.

baked chicken, roast chicken, making a chicken last
Though technically baked, we call this roasted in our home.

Until next time,

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