Cooking The Free Range Raised Duck

Muscovy ducks starting to roost in the duck.

Cooking The Free Range Raised Duck

Muscovy duck, a big white meat duck
Muscovy duck

Hey all,

Last week, I wrote about how to cook a range raised chicken. This week, as promised, I’m going to tell you how to cook a mouth watering duck! Most people that I’ve met don’t think they’ll like duck.

That’s because most of them have either eaten a wild bird that was eating nasty stuff which was flavoring it’s meat, or they didn’t cook their domestic bird right.

I’ve cooked duck for a few people, and they’ve been surprised at how much they like duck. It’s in how you cook it. So, today, I’m going to share with you how I like to cook my ducks. As with cooking chickens, you will need:

· A duck that is cleaned and feather free

· A casserole dish large enough for a duck carcass. Or a metal tray big enough for your duck carcass. Keep in mind, ducks have fat that will melt off while they are cooking. Pick something that won’t spill that fat into your oven.

· Lemon, and salt or Creole seasoning

or if you would like, you can do garlic salt. Also makes for a tasty duck.

Heat your oven at 350 F. Put your duck in the dish or pan, and season it with either the creole seasoning or the lemon and salt. Put the duck in the oven uncovered. The duck will take longer as a general rule than a chicken to cook because it is a bigger bird. The duck will also take several hours to cook. As with the chicken, when the leg is ready to practically pull off, the duck is now done.

Duck left overs make a wonderful soup especially if you add canned oranges in the duck soup.

The Muscovy is great, The Muscovy is delicious, Roast duck
We usually roast them, and then use leftovers in stews and stir fries.


Until next time,

Homestead In Health Y’all!



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