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How to Grow and Maintain Your Own Probiotic Beverages (ck204)


Probiotic Drinks; Milk Kefir, Water Kefir and Kombucha What you will know and be able to do when you have completed this course. Learners will successfully start and maintain...


Vermiculture, What’s That? (GA-203)


What you need to know in order to successfully raise and use red worms.

Sweet Potatoes (GA-202)


Understand and apply information about sweet potato history, how to start sweet potatoes, grow them, harvest them and use them. Varieties, tastes and regions Recognize, list, find and describe...

Sourdough – (CK-202)


Learn about the history of sourdough. This course will show you to make a starter, incredible breads, biscuits and pancakes. Find out what makes this bread so amazing a...

Making Yogurt – (CK-201)


Course Description: Making yogurt has been a staple in many cultures. The origins of yogurt are unknown, but it is thought to have been invented in Mesopotamia around 5000...

Beans (GA-201)


Learn how to successfully grow, process and use a variety of beans.

Introduction to Homesteading (HS-101)


Homesteading as I use the term is a philosophy and approach to life. We use the term Homesteading to describe the pursuit of a simpler, more self sufficient life. Essential...