Dead wood: Why we love it

a toasty fire in a wood stove

The air has gotten a little chill to it on the farm. Wood cutting season is here. This past weekend, dad and I went in search of dead wood in the woods near the farm.

Why dead wood?

Won’t just any tree do for heating your home with wood heat? There are a couple advantages to hunting and cutting dead trees.

First, dead wood takes less time to be ready to use in the wood stove. A live tree has sap in it which needs to dry in a process known as seasoning. This wood can be used the day you bring it in provided that it’s dry.

Secondly, by going through the forests and picking out trees ahead of time that are already dead, you are removing some of the flammable material that naturally exists in the forest. By doing so, you protect your homestead a little. Using the dead trees is a win for your and the forest life which does need fire but a controlled burn is better for both of you.

A lovely sunny forest where dead wood can easily be found.
The forest is a great place to gather dead wood.

Here’s a great article about fire and the life cycle of the forest:

Fire and the life cycle of the Forest

Oh, while on the topic of heating with wood, here is a handy article for how to start your fire in a wood stove if you never have before.

Starting your wood stove

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