Depression Cake: A Slice Of History

A lovely cake with no eggs or milk in it.

During the time of the Great Depression, eggs and milk became scarce for those who didn’t raise them. So, people came up with recipes to make do without the things that they couldn’t get. Today, thanks to the Corona virus, people are again having some difficulty getting milk and eggs. They even created a recipe for cake with no eggs or milk. They called it Crazy Cake. Today, it’s known as Crazy Cake or Depression cake.

A jug of milk and a bowl of eggs
Whether you can’t have eggs and milk because of dietary restrictions, or you just can’t get this items right now, the Depression cake is a nice celebration treat to make that thankfully skips them.

The Recipe

A few days ago, I was trying to find a recipe that would allow me to make a cake for my father’s birthday, since my mother can’t have eggs in her food, and sadly neither of us can have milk.

I ran across this Depression cake recipe. This Depression cake is something that resembles Angel food cake in taste and you may well have the ingredients already on hand.

I used an angel food cake tin, though you could use a regular cake pan if you want, and flipped my Depression cake upside down after I finished baking it. I think it may have helped the cake be fluffier and lighter than it otherwise might have been. I do know that it was a major hit with my family. We are planning on making this cake a new family celebration tradition.

You can also add some cocoa to the cake batter if you want to make it a chocolate cake. I would put in about 1/3 cup of cocoa to the cake if you want to change your Depression cake into a chocolate cake rather than vanilla. I would keep the vanilla in there though. The vanilla will add a better flavor to your cake.

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