Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide, a Book Review

Emergency Preparedness, book review

Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide

By the editors of Backwoods Home Magazine

This is a must have in my personal library.  It has been worth it’s weight in gold.  Life happens.  Here in Oklahoma, things like ice storms and floods happen. Unexpected expenses and personal misfortune happen unexpectedly to the best of people. This book tells you how to prepare ahead of time.  It isn’t a panicaholic sort of a book, rather one that will save you tons of money and stress.  It turns the emergencies into something pleasant that you are prepared for and not stressed about. I know because I’ve had this book since 2009 and been using it ever since we got it. It gives you the details that you need to know about food, water, fuel, warmth, medical and more.

The facts are that though we have a generous government that seeks to help people in need, when things happen, the government cannot be there instantly.  You and everyone else are on your own. One who is wise is simply always prepared.  This book takes the mystery out of how to be prepared and stay prepared.  You don’t have to be wealthy.  Just take one step at a time.  Before I got this book, I had no idea what the first step would be to be prepared ahead of time.  This book is easy to read and well laid out so that you don’t have to spend forever trying to find the one thing you want to know.

It helps you figure out what medical supplies you need to have on hand and how much.  It explains how to store fuel safely and how much fuel is wise to have on hand. The same is true for food storage, alternate power, drinking water, laundry soap, toilet paper, getting along without electricity etc. This book is more than worth the investment to purchase and the time it takes to read it.

Our head homesteader, Jerreth, has written this review. Her library includes books which have been invaluable in her homesteading journey. The following link is affiliate, which helps us homestead in health, as we hope this book helps you homestead in health!

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