The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Book Review

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, a book review - included in books about chickens

The Encyclopedia of Country Living 10th Edition

by Carla Emery

Sasquatch Books, Seattle. 1994, 2003, 2008

Today’s book review is by Jerreth, our resident homesteader. Our book reviews will be books we’ve found beneficial to our homesteading journey. As Amazon affiliates, we appreciate any time you use our links to purchase a book we recommend. Helps us bring the homesteading tips to you!

My husband and I have the 1994 loose–leaf edition that goes in a large 3 – ring binder as well as the newer edition.  I remember what a wonder it was in 1994.  This is an encyclopedia of all things homesteading.  George and Carla used to e-mail back and forth in the 1990s.  She dedicated her life to this work. The new editions are organized much better.  This holds a wealth of homesteading information. She gives you information in story form from her life experience, so this is really interesting reading.

Why did she write it? Like us, she had and endless stream of people asking her questions about living in the country.  This is her attempt to answer the questions. It touches on many topics, but does not tell you everything you need to know about any given topic. She wanted to help “preserve the precious knowledge of an older generation of homesteaders – knowledge that was rapidly disappearing as that generation passed on.” The stories are fascinating. (Emery. V.2008). Her desire was to empower people to be successful with their own projects.

What are some of the topics that she touches on in this book? To quote the front cover of the 10th edition, “Find and buy your plot of land, site and build a house or cabin, create a vegetable garden, log your land, manage a herd of cattle, raise chickens, goats, and pigs, mill your own flour, bake your own bread, sharpen an axe and all of your knives, prune a tree, harvest wood, can, dry, and preserve food, drive a tractor, treat your family with homemade remedies, learn basic beekeeping, light your table with candles you made.” This book has a lot of valuable information that provides you with many ideas as well as how you might do things.

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