Five Reasons to Plant a Pear Tree

Pear tree, pear tree to transplant

If you like pears and  have a bit of space, why not plant a pear tree in your yard? Pears are not as popular as apples or peaches, but I submit that they should be more popular than they are. About three years ago we  decided to plant a pear tree. It was a Kieffer pear about 2 1/2′ tall. In three years it has reached over 15′ in height. Last year it produced two or three pears. This year it produced over a bushel of fruit!

3 year old pear tree, Kieffer pear tree
This Kieffer pear grew rapidly and produced a great crop at 3 years.

I think a lot more people should consider pears. Let’s look at some reasons why:

Five Reasons to Plant a Pear Tree

  • Pear trees grow pretty fast. It’s not just any fruit tree that can produce a bumper crop in only three seasons.

  • This kind of fruit tree doesn’t require as much pest management as most others. Our tree has never been sprayed, yet the fruit looks very good, and this is not unusual for pears.

  • Pear trees produce showy flowers and plenty of nectar for bees and other pollinators.

pear tree in flower, pear flowers

“comp 276”by doustpauline of > \\whatwhenwhere/ is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

  • The pear can be really productive! Just this year, our tree was bent over with all the fruit.

Oodles of pears, lots of pears on tree

  • Pears are somewhat theft resistant. This is because, while on the tree, they are never ready to eat. They only reach their best when picked and stored for a while, so, if a thief steals them, chances are they’ll think they’re no good.


In the Garden: Key to Tasty Kieffer Pears: Chillin’

Want to try a true Native American fruit? Try the Pawpaw.


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