A Gardening Tip From The Homestead

Red Wine Velvet Sweet Potato
A sweet potato which we will use to produce slips (cuttings).

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At this time of year on the homestead, we are starting to garden. Right now, we have been getting our tomatoes and sweet potatoes started. This brought up a gardening tip that I thought all of you might find useful. My father showed me a unique marking technique this past week. Most of you who grow multiple types of plants probably are familiar with using stick markers to tell you which plant is in what spot.

A Different Labeling Method

My father does something a little different because he noticed that the writing on his stick markers faded every year before he could go harvest his plants, and there is so much to be done on a homestead that trying to remember to write it back on each stick when it starts to fade, is almost impossible to remember to go do. So, he started using a notch method.

Notched plant markers - a great gardening tip from the homestead
Notched garden markers

First, he takes a plastic coffee can and cuts it into strips. Then he cuts different numbers and locations of notches on each set of strips. He writes each type of plant on each set, and writes down what number and location on notches were on the strips that were used for that particular plant. You can see in the above picture that he has notches in a variety of numbers and locations.

At the end of the year, when he goes to harvest, the lettering may have faded, but the notches will still be there. All he has to do, is check what he wrote down as to what was the number and location of the notches for the different plants. Once you have found a description that matches what you found and started harvesting, you now have identified exactly which plant you just harvested.

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Do have a favorite gardening tip? Please share it with us in the comments below. As homesteaders, it is important to always keep a lifestyle of learning.

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