Home Sausage Making 3rd Edition By Susan Mahnke Peary & Charles G. Reavis Storey Publishing 2013,

Review by Jerreth McLaughlin

This book is another of my favorites. It provides over 100 recipes for making different types of sausage, including more than 3 dozen recipes for making sausage using poultry and seafood or vegetarian recipes!

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The instructions are clear and easy to follow. They also do a good job of letting you know what you need in order to make sausage. That said, they recommend all meat grinders equally. From personal experience, I would say that I could not do that. I started out trying to grind sausage with an old, hand grinder. It didn’t work. So, I bought a new hand grinder and spent 4 hours grinding to get 1 lb of ground meat. I like exercise, but that is a terrible return on your investment of time and energy! I then bought a cheap electric meat grinder. That was so loud that everyone in the house had to use ear protection. It lasted one season and cost about $100. Then, we spent about $300 on a professional grade meat grinder and it is oh so wonderful. We’ve had it for about 5 years now. It is quiet, easy to use and always works.

All meat grinders are not equal!

They provide good instruction about herbs when they say that herbs lose their strength after 6 months so you need to use fresh herbs and spices in your sausage and cooking. They also present all casings for sausage as equal, but they are not equal. The plastic casings are bothersome to have to cut off. The natural ones are not uniform,but work ok. The collagen ones store well and are easy to load. I like to use my 1 lb jerky gun to load the collagen casings. They didn’t mention that you could use a jerky gun to load your sausage casings. They promote the sausage stuffer. We went out and bought a sausage stuffer and found that we like the jerky gun better.

Even if you don’t want to make your own sausage, the book is a good investment just for all the sausage recipes it gives you. Reavis and Peery also so a great job of telling the history of different types of sausages in a fascinating story style. Did you know that hot dogs are a type of sausage? Do you know the story behind them? May you enjoy the book, and more importantly, your sausages!


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