The Importance Of Community

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The Importance Of Community

Hey all,

Occasionally, as much as we like homesteading, we do have to travel. I’m sure you all occasionally do too. What on earth do you do when you have to travel and you have something like dairy goats? It’s not a wise idea to hand the homestead over to someone who is completely inexperienced in the care of farm animals. Doing so can have dire consequences for the health of your animals.

This is why having acquaintances within your area who are like minded and have similar levels of knowledge is important. When you tie into the homesteading community around you, it gives you mentors, and it gives you people who may be willing to mind your place for you if you need to travel at some point.

If you tie into a like minded community, it can also offer you help in the event of a natural disaster. You may need someplace to relocate your animals to temporarily in the event of flood or fire. It’s important though that if you become a member of a homesteading community in your area, that you are willing to reciprocate any favors that you ask of others, and that you look to bless those around you.

Flood waters from 2015
When flooding hits you may not be able to get to a store to buy food

Another reason why community is very important is that it’s a lot harder to get really good animals if you don’t build relationships. Sure, you could choose to buy at an auction, but auction animals are at a higher risk of being ill with highly contagious diseases that may or may not be curable. It’s so very worthwhile to make friends with people who really care about their animals. You can see the health of the animals that your animals come from, and you may gain a mentor in the process. Plus it’s just nice to have some friends who are interested in the same things you are.

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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4 thoughts on “The Importance Of Community”

  1. Becoming part of the homesteading community will also, at least eventually mean that you mentor someone else. This is a high honor and very rewarding, though it involves an investment in the other person. Mentoring will likely cost you in $ and time, yet through it you’ll also build relationships and better your community.

  2. Hi Emily–Family and community are most important–It was great when you and your family lived across from me–I knew I could count on you guys at any time–Sure miss that feeling–George Meehan

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