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We teach people to feed themselves

We're a group of homesteaders in Oklahoma who are designing course to help people learn to feed themselves. A membership offers classes which cover a wide range of homesteading subjects, such as raising chickens, growing sweet potatoes, and making your own probiotics (kombucha, kefir, etc.). Our team of homesteaders have grown food for themselves (both plant and meat) in several regions of the US, as well as in the desert region of Mexico. We're here as educators and mentors, but also as fellow learners!
We recommend you start with the one which most interests you! If you love to cook and bake, we offer a sourdough class and a yogurt making class. If you love animals, we currently have a chicken raising class. Gardening lovers will enjoy our courses on growing beans and growing sweet potatoes. We're gradually adding more courses, so keep coming back for more!
Yes! Our current free course, and our most comprehensive course, is Raising Chickens! Included with this course is an invaluable eBook on incubation.
Look for Become a Member Today on our home page. Click Sign Up and choose your membership level (Get it Now!)! Remember, we'll be adding classes on a regular basis!
Our homesteaders have vast experience in growing their own food and being self sufficient. What they don't know, they can quickly find out, via their extensive networks. Either search our blog, leave a comment on a relevant blog post, or click Contact Us at the top of the home page. Someone will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours (we're all growing our own food, and spring, especially is a busy time, but we do our best to be timely!).

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