A Frankenstein Bug: To Kill Or Not

A picture of a house centipede which resembles a cross between a centipede and a grasshopper


In 2011, I started working a night shift job. One night, I was cleaning as usual, when I encountered a bug that looked like it had been through a nuclear attack. It looked like a Frankenstein bug.

The creature looked like something a mad scientist created.

This Frankenstein bug had legs built like a grasshopper, but it’s body looked like a centipede! Beastie looked something fierce! My knee jerk reaction was probably what most of you would have to this elusive creature. I killed it!

But later:  I became curious and looked up what on earth it was that I had found. It turned out to be a house centipede. They come out primarily at night, and they are shy though in a state of confusion and fear may rush at a person. It’s ok though. They aren’t aggressive. No more than a regular honey bee. They only bite if you give them reason to think they are about to die. Here’s some more reasons why not to kill them

Despite their ferocious looks: the house centipede is not the Frankenstein bug you think it is, and is a great bug to have around. They take out one of the few creatures that really might survive a nuclear attack.

Their favorite snack? The cockroach. So, moral of the story, if you see one of these hideous looking creatures, just leave the Frankenstein bug be,  and know that one more of them means several less cockroaches. They are as afraid of you as you are off them. You are the more dangerous creature between the two of you.

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1 thought on “A Frankenstein Bug: To Kill Or Not”

  1. i think your wrong on this one, they are all poisonous, period., kill them quick., all , and even as a little child was told early on this same truth., research it for yourself, , . you have lotsa of good info on other stuff, but this one,?, no there dangerous, kill them.

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