Indian Fry Bread: Cooking With Very Little

Indian fry bread in the pan being fried

One of the things that people who are self sufficient take great joy in doing, is cooking from scratch. There are times when you have to make a meal when you don’t have much on hand.  I found that Indian Fry Bread makes a great foundation for a meal. Just as the quarantine went into effect for my area,  I found this recipe

I have made it to use under meat, as a form of flat bread taco. Indian Fry Bread also works well as a dessert if you sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. If you are trying to encourage children to cook/eat, something that the fry bread dough does well, is it will cut with a cookie cutter. So, I made fry bread bears and moose a few days ago when I was experimenting.

Indian Fry Bread Moose
Making a fun shape out of the fry bred
A fried up Indian Fry Bread moose
The fried Indian Fry Bread moose

Children would have a lot of fun choosing a cookie cutter and helping to cut out their Indian Fry Bread. Since the recipe does involve frying in hot oil, I would recommend waiting until a child is older before allowing them to do the frying themselves. This is a simple recipe that children can easily make other than the frying part. Which, I have to admit, my parents did allow me to fry things in oil at a fairly young age. They had the perspective that if I burned myself, I would be more careful next time. I certainly was. They also taught me as I learned how to fry things, how to treat a burn correctly if it happens. Even adults will burn themselves occasionally.

Back to the Indian Fry Bread though, I have experimented with it for the past few days and I found that the ways that this bread could be used as a delicious foundation for a meal are endless. It just takes imagination. Good luck not eating the fry bread on it’s own. I really mean it when I say it is delicious!

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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