The Japanese Draw Hoe: an amazing tool

Japanese Draw How in hand, weeding hoe

The Japanese draw hoe is a most amazing tool. It works really well for a good many garden chores and excellently for weeding.  I can honestly say that if I could only have one gardening tool, this would be it. I came into possession of my first one, back in 2008, while searching for a spading fork which could handle our rocky clay soil. You can read about that journey by reading the link below.

The Advantage of Buying Quality Tools

This is a tool which will work really well for various gardening tasks.

Since it seemed that I was perpetually battling with weeds, I ordered one, in spite of  the fact that it was a bit pricey. It looked intriguing. When it arrived and I took it out of the box I was impressed with the high quality materials and “feel” of the tool. The blade was actually sharp. In the garden, I was amazed at how I could slice through weeds, barely skimming the surface of the soil. If I used the outer tip of the hoe, I could dig out stubborn tap roots. Inadvertently I had found a hoe which would work for almost everything I wanted from a hoe and more, plus it was superior for the most pressing task at hand: weeding.

Using Draw hoe for deeper weeding, Japanese Draw Hoe
One can use the side of the hoe to dig out deeper roots.

Because it works so well, I carry the Japanese Draw almost constantly.

It’s so very effective and, when I’m not using it to weed, it serves as a walking stick. I carry it almost every time I walk through the garden, even if only to take a glance at something, for just a moment. This is because it’s no problem to carry, and, when I spot a weed, I can hoe it out, almost without a thought. The angle of the hoe’s head, length of the handle and sharpness of the blade makes weeding much easier. It’s so effective that I would consider it a rival to a rototiller, yet it’s quiet and selective. I can easily hoe around plants I want to let grow, something nearly impossible with a rototiller.

Ways I’ve used the Japanese Draw Hoe:

  • by choking up on the handle I’ve used it like a trowel for planting or weeding.
  • skimming weeds (cutting them off at the ground’s surface
  • digging a furrow for planting seed (There are some hoes which work better for this, but, hey, it works, and I already have it in my hand!)
  • extracting a tap root (using the outer edge of the blade.
  • killing moles in their burrow

Video demonstration of Japanese Draw Hoe

This hoe works really well for the most important tasks I want a hoe. It’s superior for weeding and it is made from very high quality materials. Whether you have a large garden or small, I’d recommend it!

Where can I get a Japanese Draw Hoe?

Has anyone tried a half moon hoe?

The half moon hoe is the next tool I want to try!


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