Do It Yourself Hot Packs

one of my home made heat packs that looks like a sausage

Cast iron works well on a wood fire.

Do it yourself hot packs

Hey all,

Winter is upon us. This time of year is when I struggle most to stay warm, and the lyme disease that I deal with tends to affect my joints the most. Hot packs help, and they have multiple uses during the winter. Aside from using my hot pack for joint pain, I use my hot pack to warm my bed up and help me doze off in the winter time. My heat pack also comes in handy for relaxing after doing a chilly set of chores. Unfortunately, hot packs can be a little on the pricey side in your average box store. That said, my family has made our own hot packs for years with items that you might have in your own home.

The things you will need are:

  • a sock or long stocking
  • rice

It’s really a simple project. Fill the sock with the rice. Either tie the end shut as I have done to the one in this picture, or if you want to make maximum use of the length of the sock, you can sew the end shut with a sewing machine.

one of my home made heat packs that looks like a sausage
A home made heat pack

I like to microwave mine for about 2 minutes when I go to use it. This makes it nice and warm, but not so hot that I’m getting burned. You can also use corn in the sock instead of rice.

It’s a type of hot pack that will usually last me for several years even though I use my hot pack all winter every winter. I love my heat pack. I’m not a cold weather sort of gal if you get what I’m saying.


Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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