Making an emergency preparedness kit

trees and field covered in ice

Once again, we are facing quite a cold and potentially rough winter. So, I thought I would share with you all how we make an emergency preparedness kit for dealing with the winter. The list here isn’t all inclusive. You should look at your state’s recommended items as well.

Don’t depend on others for your care. They may not have enough for you and you may not be welcome at their place. 

Here are the things I want in my emergency preparedness kit:

  1. Water;  this is a vital thing to have enough of on hand whether you are dealing with a winter emergency or another time of year. You need enough clean water to last for three days. Think about how many people and animals you have that need clean water. Some animals will be fine with stream or pond water. Others such as dogs may get sick.
  2.  Extra dry food: You can go the freeze dried route, buy and keep extra canned goods Some place that we get some extra food from to keep on hand for emergency situations is: Honeyville Inc.

    cans of dried meat from Honeyville
    Honeyville carries more than just fruit and veggies. They also carry dried meat of various types.
  3. Extra wood or full tank of propane. In our case, we have a woodstove so we make sure to have lots of dry seasoned wood ahead of time. It really pays in the event of a winter storm especially to have wood put up inside buildings or in a sheltered place for heating your home.
  4. Enough of any medications that you and family members may be on.  That includes pets. You don’t want to run out if you are stranded for a week or more. You can talk to your doctor about a plan for making sure that you have enough to deal with a natural disaster.

There is a book that i would recommend getting and reading: Emergency Preparedness And Survival Guide

Preparing an emergency preparedness kit is your responsibility.

Don’t rely on others.

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll,




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