Making Jerky

Venison jerky - making jerky is a favorite past time on our homestead
Venison meat
Venison that was about to be turned into jerky

Making Jerky

One of my favorite snacks has always been jerky. Unfortunately, jerky is usually pretty expensive in the store. I can’t afford to buy it very often. However, a few years back, I got a dehydrator for Christmas. Dehydrators are such a wonderful thing to have on a homestead.  You can get one at any box store. I make lots of jerky with mine. My family absolutely loves making jerky, beef, goat jerky, or the jerky that I made recently…venison jerky.

Venison jerky
Venison jerky, so delicious!

I also make chicken and turkey jerky. All of my jerky is made using a jerky kit from Cabelas and a Nesco dehydrator. One of the advantages aside from price in making your own jerky as a homesteader, is that you not only know what went into the jerky when you made it, but you probably know the life story of the animal that it’s made from, as long as it’s not venison jerky. You know exactly what illnesses that animal had had if any and what medications were given. You also know exactly what the animal was eating.

Personally, I find that I enjoy having homemade jerky even more so than the store bought jerky. There’s a joy in the process, and that’s something that you learn while homesteading. As I mentioned before, you may have raised the animal yourself and you most likely butchered it yourself. I found using a Waring Pro food slicer to be an enjoyable way to slice my venison when I was preparing to make this last batch of jerky. Previously to that, I had always used ground meat to make my jerky. The food slicer made some nice strips of venison jerky. If you raise goats or cattle for meat on your homestead, you might consider getting both a dehydrator and a food slicer. The jerky you make with them can be a great grab and go snack when you are in a hurry.

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