• We first started raising rabbits 38 years ago. Jerreth and I were newlywed. We rented a small homestead in Arkansas for year, and we inherited some meat rabbits with their cages. During that year I became […]

  • Have you ever encountered a time when you think you planted and did everything right, yet your beans don’t produce? I frequent a number of gardening forums on the internet, and hear about this problem every year. […]

  • Sourdough isn’t that difficult. Just last week I decided to try an experiment, to see how quickly I could get up and running with sourdough, starting by making a brand new culture and taking the process all the […]

  • We miss you too! Good neighbors are like gold!

  • One of the more challenging skills for a new gardener is knowing how to water the garden. Offhand, one would think, “How hard can it be?” Yet, this is an acquired skill. No one has it “straight out of the gate.” […]

  • Becoming part of the homesteading community will also, at least eventually mean that you mentor someone else. This is a high honor and very rewarding, though it involves an investment in the other person. […]

  • Weeds are an inevitable part of gardening. Basically, a weed is an unwanted plant, a plant growing where it is not wanted. It seems to be a truism that weeds grow MUCH MUCH BETTER than anything planted on purpose! […]

  • I love homesteading, though, I have to admit I sometimes struggle over the term. In today’s society “homesteading” is not well understood. Historically, homesteaders moved to the wilderness and carved most of […]

  • These days, more and more people would like to get into homesteading. Some don’t really know how to go about it, as their lifestyles are so different than what they would like to pursue. Some folk mistakenly think […]

  • I’ve heard similar comments from a number of old timers. Additionally, when we lived in Mexico, the old roasting ears were what was for sale at special events, etc. I remember when KFC introduced sweet corn. Most […]

  • In this day and age few gardeners even consider growing non sweet corn. By “non sweet” I simply mean any kind of corn other than the sweet type most commonly grown by gardeners.
    Beside sweet corn, there are at l […]

  • When it comes to home heating, the price of fuel is highest when demand is at its peak and lowest at its ebb.
    Some years ago we ran out of propane in the winter. It was extremely cold and, to top things off, the […]

  • Most folk prefer not to encounter snakes in the garden, but I have come to to welcome them heartily! For me, it’s been a personal journey. It helped that I grew up in a home which allowed me to have many pets. […]

  • The Japanese draw hoe is a most amazing tool. It works really well for a good many garden chores and excellently for weeding.  I can honestly say that if I could only have one gardening tool, this would be it. I […]

  • You certainly have poison ivy in your environment!

  • I think I’ve found poison ivy in every state I’ve visited, in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The mere mention of “poison ivy” strikes terror into the hearts of many, especially since so few actually recognize it. […]

  • Lambsquarters so good it ought not to be treated like a weed.
    When I was a kid I weeded a lot of lambsquarters out of my parents’ garden. What I can’t remember, is just when I figured out that lambsquarters are […]

  • A lot of folk on the East Coast don’t know about Pokeweed, yet it was there where I learned about it. You’ll have to try it sometime!

  • If you love gardening, animal husbandry, fishing or the environment, then you may have reason to raise redworms. We’ve been raising them since around 1992. Personally, I’d really miss them if I couldn’t have them. […]

  • Every spring stores and garden centers brim with plants for local gardeners. There are racks and racks of little plants, ready to stick into the garden. What gardener can resist browsing through the tomatoes and […]

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