Monarch Butterflies: You Can Make a Difference

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Seeing groups of these beautiful butterflies seems like a thing of the past.

As recently as 10 years ago I used to see up to a dozen Monarch butterflies flying across our pasture in late summer. Now, that seems a thing of the past. Monarchs are in trouble, and, I suspect that their “trouble” is trouble for all of us. Our environment is pretty interconnected. Fortunately, there is a growing number of people who want to help the Monarch butterflies. I’m not expert on this topic, but I suspect a lot of their trouble is due to lack of food, and that, due to widespread use of herbicides, which kill the “weeds,” upon which their caterpillars feed. I’ve heard that one can help them by planting some milkweed on ones property. Surely, there are other things we can do, as well.

Tulsa County Master Gardeners is hosting a conference on helping the Monarch!

Saturday, May 26, 2018; from 9 AM to 3 PM, there will be a conference on helping the Monarch. It will be held in the Tulsa County Fairgrounds and is put on by Tulsa County Master Gardeners. This conference will be dealing with the topic in depth, including forage crops to help these butterflies, recognizing Monarch health issues and even, how to raise them from caterpillars! Take a look at the poster. (Click on it, and it should enlarge.) If you’re near enough to go, this would be a good thing!

For futher information call: 918-746-3701



Here’s a link to more complete information: Monarchs, Milkweeds & More!



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