Money On The Hoof And In The Ground

Money on the Hoof and In the Ground

Originally written and published December 31, 2016


I’m a strong advocate of Dave Ramsey’s money system. Especially keeping a emergency fund of at least $1,000. But, what if you exhaust your emergency fund and still have things needing to be paid? Well, one of the things that my family has found to be so helpful about homesteading, is that as long as we raise more than we need, we can always sell something if we need to. For example, we sold some goats at one point to pay some bills that we were beyond our emergency fund to be able to pay. we also raise extra sprouts and other crops because it’s a little extra money in the pocket for us.

Another thing is that if you raise a few extra animals, as in the case of our milk goats, we like to keep an extra doe, even though we don’t want to be milking the one extra, at least until kidding has passed. The unfortunate truth is that birth is risky. We don’t want to lose a doe, and we never have so far. However, we do keep an extra aside each year, bred her, and then when all have successfully kidded, we sell her in milk. That’s money on the hoof for us.



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