Moving to the Country

Our new country neighbors, the cows

Moving to the Country

Y’all are singing the song, right? Gonna eat a lot of peaches. Seriously, though, the urban homesteaders have finally moved to the country! If you’re not following HomesteadingEdu on FaceBook, you sure should be! That’s where my moving to the country videos are. Last week I did a Facebook live video of our new neighbors, the black angus cows. At least, I think they’re black angus. You tell me. I don’t know from cows.

Moving to the country means our neighbors are a little ... different
Our neighbors are a quiet lot

Our dogs think the cows are evil, though. Three of the five dogs want to tear into them. Thank God for leashes!

What We Were Looking For

If you’ve followed our journey at all, you know that we looked for the perfect property for a long time. Well, that’s a lie. We started out looking for the perfect property. What were we looking for? This:

  • At least five acres
  • Sound house, not a trailer
  • Trees
  • Fencing, hopefully cross fencing
  • Water feature
  • Distant from highway or other noisy thing (railroad, airport, etc.)
  • House not too close to the road (little dogs dart)
  • No more than 45 minutes from Hunny’s work

That’s not too much to ask, right? I wish. As we went along, looking at properties, we added to this list, based on what we saw.

  • MUST NOT BE IN FLOOD ZONE (this eliminated entire towns near Hunny’s work)
  • Must have storm shelter (this IS northeastern Oklahoma)
  • Must not have too many trees
  • House can’t be too big or too small (we were downsizing, but geez!)
  • Must have space for my mom to build a small place to live
  • Can’t be too close to the neighbors – unless they’re cows

What We Were Willing to Settle For

We gave up a lot of what we wanted for moving to the country. Mercy, but there was just nothing out there! We finally decided we’d settle for a mobile home. And a little less than five acres. And not totally fenced. And far away. We made a lot of compromises, and even had a contract on a place with no home on it at all.

What We Wound Up With

Evidently our first and second list was too much to ask. Good Heavens. You’d think we’d asked the Pope to come bless our house in person. But eventually we found a place which met nearly every point on our list. YES!!! Take a look at our sunrise. As time goes on, I’ll be taking photos, showing you the property, talking about what we’re doing here. For now, we’re glad of our new neighbors and our quiet piece of Heaven.

Sunrise through the trees
The handful of pines and Bradford pears in the front yard are just enough

God is good. Having looked at more than a hundred properties this year, I know that our new home is absolutely perfect, and nearly impossible to find, especially in our price range. It was too much to ask, but here we are. The only thing missing is the water feature.

Homestead in health, my friends!



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