No Egg Pancakes

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Okay, so you might want to make pancakes, sometime and discover that you are out of eggs. You might know someone who is allergic to eggs, or, possibly, you are out of eggs, and stuck home during a winter storm. No worries, you can make no egg pancakes! You might ask, “How do I make no egg pancakes? Well…

Leave the eggs out of the recipe.

egg, no egg pancakes
An egg with hot peppers

That’s right. That’s about all you need to do. Here’s a link to the simple pancake recipe we already posted.

Never Again Buy Pancake Mix

Follow this recipe and leave out the eggs. The pancakes will be slightly heavier, but that’s about it. Out of necessity I experimented with no egg pancakes, about a year ago. I was sure that it was going to be a challenge, but it wasn’t hard at all.  If I served you some no egg pancakes, you might not be able to tell!

Okay, I won’t do a separate post on what to do if you want to make pancakes and you have no milk. I think you know what I’d say, “Leave out the milk. Use water.” That’s right. Actually, I believe that water works better for pancakes than does milk.

winter storm, snow, ice, weather
Winter storms

So think about this next  winter when a storm threatens. Don’t sweat the milk and eggs. Just be sure to have the other basic ingredients on hand, and at least you can make pancakes without making that last run to the store and fighting through the mob!


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