Okra Recipes for Good Meals

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I’m sure you all have heard the expression “comfort food” before. You know, there’s just something extra nice about having really good food that’s fresh, either from the ground or freshly butchered. But, even if you have food that is really fresh, it can end up not tasting so great if it’s not cooked right. Okra recipes are important.  Have you ever had something served to you that you’d never had before and found that you absolutely hated it, only to be coaxed to try it again years later. To your surprise, you liked it this round.

For lack of good okra recipes, I experienced a childhood trauma.


That happened to me as a child. There are certain foods that are popular in different parts of America and if the cook isn’t familiar with how to cook a dish, it can give someone a nasty introduction. For me, that dish was okra. I was served it boiled. Yup! Nasty!


That’s why I want to give you folks some tips and okra recipes today so that you can cook this plant correctly. I learned as an adult that it really is delicious when it’s cooked just right. I promise, it really is!

It’s important to have some good okra recipes.

I’ve usually chopped it into slices that are decently thick so that the seed balls stay inside, and then fry it in either oil or butter. But, there are other people who bake it or do other things with okra cooking wise.


Here’s a link that Ron Cook shared with me that gives out a lot of useful okra recipes that use:

Ron’s Okra Recipe Thread: Green Country Seed Savers


One of my favorite varieties of okra, is Ron’s Heavy Hitter. The okra I have pictured, was Heavy Hitter from Ron Cook which I was delighted to freeze several bags of pre prepared okra. Here’s another link that also gives a few pictures of this favorite okra for okra recipes:


Thread On Heavy Hitter Okra


Another thing that can affect your cooking, is the storage of your okra. You can take a look here on how to store okra:

Storing Okra Correctly

What about you? Do you have some favorite okra recipes that weren’t mentioned above? Comment your okra recipes in the comment section below.

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Homestead in health, ya’ll!




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