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Teaching Beekeeping
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Students Abuzz Over Beekeeping Class


TAHLEQUAH — A new buzz around Tahlequah centers on a class held through Northeastern State University’s Continuing Education Program. Instructor for the beekeeping class, George McLaughlin Jr., said it’s a good course for anyone interested in stowing bees.

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Founder of area seed-saver group looks for plants that ‘grow like weeds’ here

When McLaughlin moved to Northeastern Oklahoma, he wanted to start a seed-savers group for the local climate and environment. “In my opinion, nothing compares to Green County because of our extremes,” said McLaughlin. He began to look for plants that “grow like weeds” in this environment, most of which are not commercially available. “We will never stop discovering what will do well here,” said McLaughlin.

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George Teaching about kefir
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Class Teaches Students to Make Dairy Delicacies

By Sean Rowley / CNHI News Oklahoma

“When it comes to keeping fresh foods in the refrigerator or freezer, fruits and vegetables may come to mind before cheese. Several types of cheese were discussed, including chevre, cheddar, garlic-slicing cheese and quark. ‘The only people I’ve met who know about quark are of German descent, whose grandparents came over from Germany,’ McLaughlin said. ‘It lasts a couple of generations and that is as far as it goes. They forget.”

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  • raise chickens.
  • raise meat rabbits.
  • select and train livestock guardian dogs.
  • raise red worms.
  • make kiefer – probiotics.
  • make yogurt.
    create sourdough starter for fantastic bread.

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"What a great resource of practical advise and useful homesteading information! Whether you’re a budding, and eager to learn, beginner, or a gnarled, and know it all, old-timer; you’ll be able to find something of interest on this website, almost daily. I’ve been gardening, farming, and raising livestock for the better pat of 50 years and still learn new things from these guys on a regular basis. From poultry to potatoes, they’ve got it covered.”
Ron Cook
I love these guys!! We’re baby homesteaders and this site and Facebook page have saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Shoot, the YouTube video on milking goats was invaluable. Livestock guardian dogs? They know so much. Ducks, chickens, turkeys, gardening – highly recommended..
This is a great educational how-to website. I took the course on sourdough and could easily understand the step by step blog. Additionally, this course provided delicious ways I could use the sourdough other than the “loaf” style. The Sourdough Biscuits are some of the most amazing biscuits I have ever eaten. If you are looking to learn something new or maybe just see someone else’s take on sourdough, I would recommend this course highly!
Callista Verver
There is so much information that pleases me to my core. What a gift Homestead Edu LLC is to all that have the pleasure to review and learn from.
Lereen Neugin