Pannekuchen recipe: A Family Favorite

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Pannekuchen with sauce and fruit

There’s a feeling of wealth even when you don’t have much money when you can whip something up cheap and eat like a king! I think that’s one of the reasons why this pannekuchen recipe that I want to share with you all is such a family favorite. When I was growing up on the mission field in Mexico, money was often short. One of my parent’s German coworkers gave us the pannekuchen recipe .It was such a hit with the three of us kids that we ate it pretty regularly growing up. So, here’s the recipe:


6 tablespoons of butter

1 3/4 cups of flour

3 1/2 cups of milk

6 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

3 tablespoons of honey

Fruit of some type such as peaches

Making the pannekuchen

6 tablespoons of butter – melt in pan at 450

In a bowl:

1 1/2 cup flour

1/12 cup milk

6 eggs

Mix those together and then stir into pan to combine with the hot butter.

Turn oven down to 375 to bake for 15 minutes or until set and light brown.

The cooked pannekuchen ready to cut, and add white sauce and fruit to.

The sweet white sauce to serve on top:

3 tbsp of flour

1 tsp vanilla

3 tablespoons of honey

2 cups of milk.

Cook in a pot on the stove stirring constantly until it thickens into a sauce. Allow it to cool a bit before serving.

Serve the pannekuchen with the white sauce on top and some variety of fruit. My family loves peaches, but any type of fruit you want to top it with will work.

A variation I found that also sounded yummy, which involves apples and cinnamon can be found here.

Another great recipe that you all might enjoy which is for bread pudding., as I stated earlier being able to cook great food from scratch can make you feel wealthier than you really are.

Hope you all enjoy these delicious recipes.

Until next time,

Homestead in Health Ya’ll!



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