Preserving Eggs

broody Buckeye hens - heritage birds - on today's Preserving Eggs blog post
Buckeye chicken eggs

At this time of year, we are getting a ton of eggs on the homestead. It’s a wonderful thing! But now is the time to be thinking ahead. Have you ever considered what you will do when the birds slow down their production? Unfortunately, by the fall or beginning of the winter, the birds will slow down or stop laying entirely.

When they do, what do you do? I know some people will just plan on buying eggs. That can get expensive and you can’t guarantee the freshness or quality or what was fed to the birds that laid those eggs. Your own eggs would be much nicer to have.

So how can you preserve your own eggs so that you can have eggs in the winter for a variety of cooking and still have them seem fresh? On our homestead, we freeze eggs. We will break the eggs into freezer bags that have the count of eggs to go into each bag written on them. Something that for myself, I prefer, is to store some eggs frozen with the yolks in one freezer bag, and whites in another.

Here is a bag of frozen eggs the way that George likes to freeze them,

That will make it so that when I need to bake something that requires the use of only egg whites, I have my own whites that have been frozen while fresh. I also will make use of those nutrient rich egg yolks.

Then, I will also freeze individual eggs so that if I want one egg, I have it.

I’ve heard about people even using ice trays to freeze individual eggs. I do one egg per bag since I live as only one person in my home. My biggest concern with the ice tray would be that the top could either get freezer burn or feel dried out.

If any of you have tried the ice tray method, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, if you have any other egg storage ideas for the winter, I would love to hear about them in the comments below. Everyone of us as homesteaders need to live a lifestyle of learning with a love of learning.

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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4 thoughts on “Preserving Eggs”

  1. I’ve got an Amish icream recipe that calls for 10 egg yolks, I’ll have to share that one with you guys sometime. It is very rich and smooth, like the very best store bought ice cream there is

    1. Jerreth McLaughlin

      Never done that and they are always fine. Once they are frozen, we put them in Ziplock freezer bags.

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