Quarantine: Why We Do It

There’s not much more exciting than when you are going to be bringing home a new animal to your homestead herd or flock, whether it’s a goat, sheep, cow, or even a horse or mule. But, there’s something important that you need to do when you bring home any type of new animal, and that is quarantine. So why do it?

For starters:

Any new animal, even coming in from a good breeder, has a chance of coming home as a carrier of a disease that it has been exposed to and has immunity to. Your animals may not have the immunity to that illness. It could go through your entire herd before it’s all said and done.  hat’s part of the reason why you should quarantine.

Twin Katahdin ewe lambs

Then there is also this fact.

Some of those illnesses are incurable.

That’s right. There are illnesses among certain animals such as goats, that if it enters your herd, you will have to destroy every animal. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s another reason why you should quarantine.


So, how can you quarantine properly?

For starters, correctly quarantining an animal means that much like we quarantined humans because of Corona virus, so we also need to do with any new animal that we bring home. The new animal needs to have a pen where it can be isolated from the rest of the animals. Here’s some great advise from Lincoln University on keeping an animal in quarantine.

Hopefully, this blog gave you something to think about when it comes to how and why to quarantine your animals.

Until next time,

Homestead In Health Ya’ll!


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