Ron Pranks His Critters, Part 2

guard decoy, decoy on doorstep

Ron continues his creative exploration of using a goose decoy to educate his Cotton Patch Geese. Here’s further proof that geese can be fun!

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Ron’s Words:

From the goose ‘decoy ploy’ of a few weeks past, I gained a valuable ally in my continued battle against fresh goose droppings in places where you’d rather the geese did not frequent, (such as right in front of the entry way of our front door, on the concrete pad of the front stoop, or in the barn, where they like to nip the occasional cat food or dog food, (like nearly every day of my life!)

A few days after the ‘Zombie goose attack, my youngest son was entertaining himself, by sitting on the rail of our foot bridge and reeling the inflatable goose decoy upstream to where he was sitting, then giving the line slack enough to let the decoy float freely, downstream.

My son made an intriguing discovery while playing around with the decoy.

He soon discovered that our geese would not cross the creek, if the decoy goose was in the water. From that, we extrapolated that probably, anywhere we set a decoy, the Cotton Patch Geese were not likely to visit. It didn’t take long to discover that a strategic placement of a goose decoy would guarantee, no geese would trespass there. One thing led to another until I now have a ‘guard goose’ who effectively keeps my Cotton Patch Goose pals from pooing directly in front of my doorway, or inside my barn, on the floor where I have to walk every day. Geese can be fun even while we work on keeping key areas off limits to them!

Now I have “guard geese” (decoys) protecting my doorstep and barn from goose poo….

This is actually quite amusing, as I can see the Cotton Patch Geese attempting to enter the barn, but they will chicken out at the last moment and take off like a bunch of frightened ‘Trick or Treaters’ on a spooky Halloween night.

creek behind house

This is the creek behind our house. I have a wooden footbridge that I cross every day to feed my livestock.

fun with geese decoy, decoy in creek

This is the goose decoy going for a swim, via fishing line attached to a rod and reel.

geese eyeing decoy with suspicion

As you can plainly see in the background, my Cotton Patch Geese are watching this decoy closely and will not approach it to cross the creek.

fun with geese, goose decoy at front door

This is my ‘Guard decoy’ stationed at the front door, to keep unwanted goose visitors at bay.

guard decoy, decoy at barn door

Same thing here, but inside the feed shed instead. My geese will not venture past the ‘evil eye’ of the sentry goose I placed there. It’s really quite amusing to watch them eyeing it and pondering whether or not they might sneak by unnoticed.

Every few days, I’ll move the decoy to a new location, sometimes all the way inside the shed, beside the cat food dish. The geese will venture inside when I do this, then see the decoy and scram!

It’s really funny to see this happen, as I initially only moved the inflatable decoy, because it’s made of thin plastic that will most probably degrade in direct sunlight. The shed faces South, so direct sunlight pours in for about the first 6′ or 8′ feet. The decoy goose, lurking in the shadows is much more entertaining to watch that the one sitting in plain sight.

Geese are naturally curious and a bit on the ornery side. They mess with me all the time; sneaking up and robbing weeds out of my bucket while we’re in the garden, when there are weeds everywhere for them to eat. Or sneaking up and running off with an okra pod, while I’m busy shelling out seeds. They are very social birds; more like dogs, than any other creature I can think of.

Geese have a sense of humor, almost like a dog.

It’s fun with geese, they have a lot in common with the family dog in the sense that they are so loyal to one person. They also honk every time someone drives up and follow me everywhere I go. They’ll try to anticipate where I’m headed any time they see me get into my truck. Sometimes, I’ll deliberately turn the truck in the opposite direction when I see them flying out ahead of me to meet me around the corner. I think they enjoy trying to guess what’s next.

I would love to have had one of these geese to play with when I was a boy growing up. Geese can be fun. After all, what could be more fun, than a flying dog?

Though, sometimes, Sweet Pea thinks he’s a flying parrot. I’ve got to admit, I don’t relish the fact that he so much enjoys perching on my shoulder.

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