Ron Pranks His Critters

pranked animals looking on , sheepish pets

The other day Ron pranked his animals. Ron’s creativity never fails to amaze me, and the relationship he has with his “critters” is heartwarming.



Today, I tied a piece of fishing line to an old, inflatable goose decoy and sat it down in a pile of dead leaves. The other end of the line was attached a fishing pole.  I left the decoy there and went to sit down in a folding chair; about 40′ feet away with the rod and reel in my lap. I waited for all the animals to see me there.  I knew it wouldn’t be long until they started gathering around me, to see if I had anything good to eat.  Then, I started slowly, reeling the decoy toward us….

“Using the fishing pole and line, I started pulling the decoy toward us.”

The decoy was sitting in a pile of dead leaves, so it made noise when it started moving. It looked like it was swimming through the dead leaves, straight toward us.
When all the animals looked up to see what it was, I jumped up from my chair and yelled, “Run!!!” Then, I took off running with the decoy in tow, about 20′ or 30′ feet behind me. All the animals took off, right beside me, running for their lives! The dogs, the cats, the geese … It looked like Noah’s Ark.

Noah in ark, Noah and his animals,

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Though I thought they’d scatter (every man for himself) instead, they were keeping pace with me, all the while, looking back to see if I was okay.  They didn’t know I was the one pulling the booger man that was chasing all of us. I ran a big circle, then came back to the chair.  It took a few minutes after I sat down to rest, for all of them to get brave enough to sneak over to the decoy, to see what had been after them.

Sweet Pea the goose waiting up for Ron
Here’s Sweet Pea, taking time to wait up and tell me, “Run Faster!!!”


Pet goose rounding the corner of the house
It didn’t take long for him to out pace me. Here he is, skedaddling around the corner of the house!
Sweet Pea the goose takes refuge in my lap
Sweet Pea’s answer to everything is to jump in my lap, just to be sure no booger ever gets him! You can see the decoy in the background, still creeping toward him. Bandit is still playing it safe, about 10′ feet behind the decoy.
Sweet Pea snuggles for comfort
Sweet Pea and Violet never got very far away from me the whole time. Here’s Sweet Pea, still sitting in my lap, trying to snuggle, while I’m trying to catch my breath from running. I’m getting too old for this!


Another pet looking for refuge
Here’s Clarence, looking to see if there’s any room left in my lap. I’m still reeling the fishing pole, but they haven’t figured it out yet. You can just see Buddy’s nose in the bottom, right of the frame. He’s dug in under my chair as far as he can get. He’s not sure of this prank.


Pranked cat still unsure
Tux still isn’t sure if it’s okay to stop running …

I’ve got some pretty good pets.  They still love me, even after this prank.  It will take a while to top this one.  I’ll have to wait many a day before they’ll fall for the Zombie Goose Decoy again.

Circle of shame, embarrassed pets
This is one of my favorites.  It was the moment they all figured it out the prank and came back to stare at the ground, in “The Huddle of Shame.” Petunia is walking by, giving me the side eye, probably thinking, “You jerk!  I knew it was you, the whole time!”


Ron has been keeping us informed about his heritage cotton patch geese. It’s in this thread that he gives us this fun account.

To read part two: Ron Pranks His Critters, Part 2

To read more see: Cotton Patch Geese/ Green Country Seed Savers

Blog post with more background on Ron’s geese: “An Old Breed of Geese”


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