Ron’s Thoughts on Dirt

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Dirt is Amazing!

I was feeding the pigs this morning and thinking, “It’s amazing how God made everything around us from dirt.  The Roselle gets its tartness from the same dirt that watermelon gets its sweetness.
Roselle, wild hibiscus, jamaica
Roselle, or “wild hibiscus,” in English, is also known in Spanish as Jamaica. Its calyxes make wonderful red tea which can be used as such or turned into candies or preserves.


The oak gets its strength from the same soil that wildflowers get their fragility.  Pecan and walnut trees make oil.  Some plants are nourishing, others are poisonous, but they all come from the same soil.  Cows and goats eat a widely varying diet of plants and both make rich cream.  Chickens eat bugs that come from the ground and make eggs and meat, but no matter what you try to name, everything stems from dirt.”
flerd, pasture, animals, farm animals
Goats, sheep, cattle, horses and dogs in the pasture, a flerd


Then, a few hours later, I read this, on Dave’s Garden:

“People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.” (quoted from Plato)

Dave’s Garden


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2 thoughts on “Ron’s Thoughts on Dirt”

  1. fourteenmilecreek

    Today, I’m living from the soil again. I’ve spent the last few hours thawing chicken that we butchered last Fall. While that is in the oven baking, I’ve wrapped a few sweet potatoes in foil to add alongside them. The sweet potatoes are some I have in storage from my Annual, Autumn Potato Dig. I think I’ll steam some broccoli as a side dish. Today, everything, including the Roselle tea, is from our farm. That’s a really good feeling.

    1. I love those days when just about everything comes from the fruit of our own land! I’m going to have to see these Ken Onion knifes.

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