Saving Money on Sweet Potatoes

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Do you like sweet potatoes? Please! Say that you do! Sweet potatoes are so nutritious, besides being delicious. I strongly suspect that an answer to world hunger might well include a heavy dose of sweet potatoes. I’d like to share with you a way that you can save a good deal of money if you have to buy sweet potatoes at the store. We plant A LOT of sweet potatoes every year, but every now and then we have a crop failure and have to buy them in order to meet our needs. This “hack” is helpful for the big time sweet potato gardener as well as an apartment dweller, who might not have access to enough space to grow them.

sweet potatoes, sweet potato harvest
We’ve just started harvesting for this year. Hopefully, we won’t have to buy any.

Whether or not I need to purchase them, I always keep my eye on them when I walk through the produce dept. of the grocery store. In our area, most of the year they sell for about $1 per lb. To me, this is kind of pricey. I try not to purchase them at that price. Around Thanksgiving, the prices drop…

The Best time to Buy Sweet Potatoes economically is right after Thanksgiving.

If you go to the store on Monday after Thanksgiving, and sometimes for several days afterward, you can find bulk sweet potatoes deeply discounted. I’ve purchased them for as low as 30 cents per pound. If your store is like mine, you might want to bring your own box(es). They’re not expecting someone to purchase 40 lb or more  and it is a pain to handle them all in flimsy plastic shopping bags.

The Old Farmers’ Almanac: Best Sweet Potato Recipes

This year’s crop will probably be good, at least until March.

What you purchase this fall is from this year’s crop. Stored correctly, they will easily last until March. I often eat from my stash until sometime in June. In 2019 I ate my last 2018 sweet potato in the middle of July, and it was perfectly fine.

Large Sweet Potatoes Are Not Tough

tender sweet potatoes, tough sweet potatoes, storing sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, saving money on sweet potatoes
No matter how large, sweet potatoes never get tough.

That’s right, no matter how large, sweet potatoes never get tough. Sometimes you can find a batch of deeply discounted sweet potatoes after holiday shoppers have picked through them, leaving only the extra-large roots. That’s great! Just be sure to cook them longer, until the skin starts looking crinkly, and they are really soft. They’ll be tender.

Sweet potatoes, discounted because they’re so large, are a great deal!

If you didn’t grow them this year, or if you did, and they didn’t produce well, get ready to stock up. Thanksgiving and shortly afterward are the very best time to buy sweet potatoes in the store. They are normally good value for the dollar, but at times, one can get a really great price and stock up. They keep. So there’s no reason not to do this.

If you can garden in the coming year, consider growing some sweet potatoes. Homesteading Edu has a course on how to do this.

Sources for sweet potatoes to plant

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