Sick Homesteaders – What Do You Do?

We’re the new homesteaders, having moved to our acreage just two months ago today. And we’re sick homesteaders.  I wondered, prior to our move, what would happen if we were disabled. There are three of us – me, Hunny and my mom. Surely at least one of us would be able bodied at any point in time?

African brown eggs in a beginning clutch
I mean, who’s going to take care of the BABIES if something happens to me?! Yes, our Morticia is laying eggs! Here’s to many African brown goslings in our near future.

The Flu Epidemic

We didn’t count on the flu. And being so new to town that we barely know the neighbors. And our grown children living an hour away, not really able to pitch in. I had to call my brother this weekend to come stay with my mother.

Mom had her knee replaced last week. We planned for this. She’s recovering pretty well. We brought her home on Saturday. What we didn’t plan for was for me to wake up on Sunday with a raging fever, feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. Gotta be the flu, right? Except the timing couldn’t be worse. Mom just left the hospital and the flu would be a bad diagnosis for her. It also means that Hunny has to take days off work to care for both of us. And because I needed to go to urgent care, my sweet brother drove down to hang out with mom.

It’s official. Flu type B. I’ve got it.

You Hope and Pray That No One Else Will Catch It …

… but then mom starts coughing on Tuesday. And get this – Hunny took her to the clinic this morning and they were OUT OF FLU TESTS. This is an epidemic, y’all. They diagnosed her as having the flu and called in Tamiflu, based on symptoms, even though she has no fever. This is insane.

Caring for the Animals

We don’t have a lot of animals as homesteads go. It’s my job to care for all of them. But it’s been nearly a week since I’ve been able to, between time at the hospital with my mom, and being sick. Hunny has been pulling all of the weight around here. In fact, the animals have yet to be fed this morning. I feel horrible about that, but I know that Hunny will be home by ten and will care for them, and I’d probably fall over in the pen and be stepped on by Pudge the goat. Or licked by Mignon the steer. Of nibbled to death by Morticia and Gomez, our African brown geese.

No goats allowed in the house
Pudge thinks he can just come in the house like one of the dogs. Well he can’t. There are rules. He knocks at the front door and asks to come in. Well, maybe just this once …

What’s the moral of this story? Get to know your neighbors. Have a back up plan or three. Wash your hands. Cover your dang mouth when you sneeze or cough, already. The flu is an awful thing to have. And send me chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

Are You Following Us?

I don’t mean like stalking or anything. Well, you could stalk us if you wanted to. I’d prefer you show up in person and help scoop manure into the compost bin. That would rock. I’m sure we could convince Mignon not to head butt you. But I’d like it even better if you followed us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – our handle on IG and Twitter is @HomesteadingEdu, of course, and the link for Facebook is here. I’m pretty good about following back. I’m not so good about showing up at your house to help shovel manure. That’s on you. Unless you’re local. And I’m not sick. Well. You know. Just follow us already. 😀

Homestead in health, my friends!



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