A Snapshot Of Homesteading Life

Dizzy, one of our pregnant does

A Snapshot Of Homesteading Life

Homesteaders, farmers and ranchers all live side by side. Sometimes, we will reach out to help one another. It’s how we make life in the country a little better. This past week, two of our homesteaders traveled from Oklahoma to Iowa to take some hens to someone there who works to conserve rare heritage breeds of poultry. Now, the homestead can get a little interesting at this time of year because we do have pregnant does and ewes.  All of our ewes were bred by Bucky, the ram that we rescued last year as a lamb. You can read about him here:

The rescue lamb

I stayed home to hold down the fort. Friday evening the chores were uneventful.  On Saturday, I eyed the biggest of our does who was due to kid, and fervently hoped that she would hold off until the other homesteaders got back. Goat kids are so much fun, but caring for mama and babies after a birth is time consuming and a lot of work. Normally we have someone taking care of mama and someone else go take care of babies. This time, it was only me available.

Baby Goat bottle feeding
Feeding One Of Our Kids

Thankfully Dizzy held off. Sunday however, just when we were in the homestretch for the other homesteaders to arrive back to the farm, I headed out to go do chores. The animals were all up by the barn waiting for me. Tizzy, the ewe had a little lamb at her side. I let out a whoop! Babies are so exciting even when they are a lot of work.  It took me a minute to catch the little one. I’m pretty sure it had only just arrived a few minutes before.

It was a little ram! Bucky has a son on the ground. Now, one of the things that I do need to make very clear is that while we do dearly love our animals, the livestock are not pets. We named Bucky’s first son Biscuit because there will come a day when he is grown, when he will go in the freezer. The goal of life on the homestead, aside from providing food for ourselves, is also to give animals happy lives, and when it comes time to eat one, a humane, fast death.

For the meantime though, Biscuit is sure a cute little fellow. This is probably one of the most fun times on the farm. Now that everyone is back on the farm, Dizzy can go right ahead and kid.

Until next time,

Homestead In Health Ya’ll,






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