Special Moments on the Homestead

a special moment with my dog, loving on my collie dog

In homesteading there are “those moments,” which come along, just because of what we do. Some are not happy moments, such as when a goat kicks over a milk pail, covering the one milking in milk, or when we lose animals to illness. Fortunately there are plenty of truly special moments on the homestead. Here are just a few which come to mind.

Homesteading has both hard and heartwarming moments.

Our Muscovy ducks always start nesting before the weather truly warms up. Then, a lot of times they have poor hatches and high mortality among their offspring. This year is no exception. One mother duck had just one duckling and the two always slept in our rabbit shed. A couple nights ago the duckling came in alone. I thought perhaps that “Mom” was taking a dip and would return soon, but last night, I was in there after dark and realized that, for whatever the reason. Momma wasn’t coming. It was already dark and cold and I we had no place I could put the little tyke. By flashlight I watched it sidle up to a broody hen….

duckling under hen, duckling under chicken
This is what I found the next morning.

During the night the duckling inched under the hen, whose instincts simply told her that she had “a baby!” The next morning, in the cold and dark, this sight warmed my heart. The next night I noticed it was warmer and the duckling didn’t try to tuck under the hen.

Article: Inter Species Relationships that Prove that Adoption isn’t Just for Humans

Special Moments on the Homestead Occur Because of the Odd Hours We Keep.

A homesteader often has to be outside late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, and, that, in all kinds of weather.

flying squirrel on fence post, nocturnal squirrel
Here’s flying squirrel I once encountered during an early morning chore time.

I bet most people around me don’t even know that flying squirrels live here!

On the homestead one encounters special moments because of what we do.

baby box turtle, turtle found in garden
Every year we find baby box turtles in our garden. We love them all, even the grown ups!

If we weren’t out there, doing what we do, we’d miss so many blessings! We see and hear so many things that others don’t, simply because we’re out there doing what we do. It’s important, also to cultivate the habit of noticing what’s there, and I’ve had to discipline myself to take pictures!

Geo working bees, bess in hive
It’s hard to explain, but handling bees is one of the most peaceful, pleasant activities I know.

Upon opening a hive for routine maintenance I’m greeted with the fragrance of nectar curing, intermixed with cells of pollen. The tranquil hum of the bees fills my ears. It’s hard to explain the quiet pleasure of bee keeping. The bees seem like my old friends and apparently, they consider me the same way.  It is a delight to always be learning the intricacies of this amazing creature (apis mellifera) and humbling to consider the innumerable other creatures created by our Lord. Just think, every one of these creatures could consume an equal amount of time and investigation. (Psalm 104:13 “…The earth is satisfied with the fruit of your works.”

Special moments on the homestead occur because of the company we keep.

The first photo one sees with this post is of me and Lista, who is our English shepherd and my chore buddy. Lista is a very sensitive dog, but she’s in her glory when we’re working on chores… just the two of us. Lista’s favorite word in the whole wide world is “help.” “Lista want to help take care of babies?, etc.” It’s a blessing to work with her. Our large outside dogs are livestock guardians and don’t follow me around quite as closely, yet as I am wont to say, “We’re buds.” We work together. We have even worked together dispatching predators. I know I can count on them. They are, in fact, my eyes and ears in the dark. I watch them in order to know what’s going on “out there.” Even when in bed, I am unconsciously listening to them, as the tone of their barking tells me what’s going on.

LGD working
This is Mando, one of our livestock guardian dogs. He’s a big mush, but watch it! If he things you will rub his tummy, he might “mug you!”

Homesteaders develop relationships with other animals as well, and we also find friendship with others who love the same things we do. When I sell livestock I often meet the neatest people, some of whom become lasting friends.

The most important Company to keep…

Here’s an interesting observation: I was looking in the Bible for verses which speak of these kinds of blessings. They’re in there, yet to explain any of them one finds that the text always starts out with the majesty and wonder of the Creator. The application I see is that in order to enjoy these blessings to the fullest, it behooves us to be in right relationship with our Creator. Click here if you’d like to find out more.

We’d love it if you shared in the comments below, and told us about special moments in your life experience.


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