Spring Farm Babies

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. As a new homesteader, and a recent cancer survivor, I have a lot to learn and deal with. You’d think that I’d take it slow my first year of homesteading. In fact, my mentors advised me to go slowly. I don’t think I know what that means, really. Because I have …

Spring Farm Babies

Yep. It’s a lot of work, adding animals rapidly our first year  here. Yet, how could I not? I mean, LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!

Goats eating nandina

We also have baby chicks!

Bantam gold lace Cochin chick, one of my spring farm babies

Our reasoning behind the chicks is that we want production to happen as soon as possible. Eggs and meat. For that I found some local blue Langshan chicks. And I miss my backyard chickens, so we picked up some locally hatched bantam Cochins. That’s one of them above. The chicks are all between three and five weeks old – the perfect ages. You just can’t go wrong with chicks!

But back to the cute little goats. We bought a tiny LaMancha buckling, FlapJack, who’s now four months old, a couple of weeks ago. This weekend we picked up a couple of little two month old LaMancha doelings, Waffles and Milkshake. Yes, we already had two grown wethered goats and a steer. So why did we get three baby goats?

Again, Production

The two wethers will soon be going in different directions. Well, Pudge is only on loan, so he’ll be going back to his home in a couple of weeks. But Toby is an annoying brat and will be going to freezer camp in the fall. Which will bring us back to our new breeding trio.

LaManchas are a great all purpose goat. FlapJack will be the baby daddy, and Waffles and Milkshake will be our milk goats come spring. I’m pretty excited about learning to make yogurt, cheese and soap.

Milkshake, the LaMancha doeling

But That’s Not All!

Goats and chicks aren’t the only spring farm babies here. We have five ducklings, nearly three months old. Two turkeys, a tom and a hen. And the geese, Morticia and Gomez, who won’t be a year until August. All production animals eventually.

When I say that’s not all, I also mean that it’s not all about production. We love and enjoy our animals. We care for them the very best we can. And we laugh at their antics. Well, I also laugh when my Hunny gets involved. The animals all bond with him.

Driving Miss Waffles, the LaMancha doeling

And that’s all that’s going on here! Well, I lie. There’s a lot more going on, but I’ll save it for another day. 🙂

Homestead in health, y’all,



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