The Choice Of Contentment

The Choice Of Contentment


Hey all,

One of the things that I love about living on a homestead is that we have a very simple life. We have learned to chose contentment with what we have. Contentment is not something you get by purchasing things. I have learned to find joy in the journey on the homestead. When I first began homesteading as an adult, I expected it to be fairly peaceful, but I did not really foresee the expenses that can come with it, or the lows that go along with the highs.

Contentment however is a choice. Two years ago, I received word that my house needed the joists replaced, the sub flooring replaced, and the house leveled. It was going to require a complete renovation. It was not going to be cheap to do. Long story short, I ended up doing all of the work after the joists and sub flooring were replaced in the house and the house was leveled. I learned a lot about how houses are built through doing this, and I chose to be content in the fact that my house was now solid even if I was going to have to do the mudding on the walls in the house, paint walls, replace some windows, install new flooring, and reinstall the trim around the house. I even learned in the process, a little bit about plumbing. The key on the homestead was to take the lemons as the saying goes and make lemonade. Learning to fix my house became fun. It became my entertainment.

Today my house is finally in livable condition and has become quite cozy. I am content with the fact that I have a nice place to live. It’s warm and dry..and not too shabby.

Today, I am faced with another situation that requires making the decision to choose contentment. My beloved two year old colt came down with a disease that will leave him unriddable for at least 18 months once he’s cured. The treatment is expensive. That said, I am choosing contentment just watching the small pieces of progress happen as he regains his neuro system that was being eaten away at by a protozoa.

My much loved colt in August of 2018. He was dagnosed with EPM in October of 2018.

As I have looked around me, I’ve found little blessings to be thankful for. More blessings than I can count. As we head into 2019, and look back on 2018, what do you have to be grateful for?

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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