The Thrill of Hatching Chicks

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The thrill of hatching chicks is definitely real. No matter how much we’ve done it, we can’t help exclaiming “Aww!” when we examine the latest hatch. If you’ve never hatched your own chicks, and you’d like to, consider signing up as a user on our website, Homesteading Edu, to get access to our chickens course as well as receive our incubation guide. Incubation is not a simple procedure.

Incubation is not as simple as one might think.

There is definitely a thrill of hatching chicks, but be sure you are informed about what you’re getting into and prepared either to raise them or get them to a good home ASAP.  The only thing they do faster than grow… is produce poop!

We Raise a Multipurpose Breed of Chicken

What Breed of Chicken is Right for your Homestead?

This means that they are good for both meat and eggs. Keep in mind that “multipurpose” means that a breed is usable for more than one application, however, such a breed probably won’t produce as large a carcass, as quickly as a breed solely bred for meat, nor will it produce as many eggs for the amount of feed consumed, as a breed solely bred for eggs.  The Buckeye lays an average amount of good quality eggs per year (about 140 per bird) and a large, plump carcass, in about 5 months. It also forages well, cutting down on feed costs during the warm months of the year.

Think of it like a slider: the farther toward meat, the fewer eggs & vice a versa.

Hatching chicks may be a help.

  • If you produce your own eggs and hatch enough, it pays for the incubator.
  • We raise a heritage breed, for preservation purposes.
  • We often sell chicks in the spring, which is an additional source of income.
  • Since we only keep the one breed, our eggs hatch out pure bred chickens, which bring a higher price.
  • Different breeds vary in their habits, advantages & disadvantages. By raising and hatching our own, we get to know and select our breed over time.

And, of course, there is that thrill of hatching chicks!

Sandhill Preservation has a wonderful selection of chicks.

Cackle Hatchery has a very good selection and can supply larger orders, all of the same breed.



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