Too Much Milk

miking a goat, dairy goat

Too Much Milk

A very full pot of goat milk being cream line pasteurized.

Hey All,

Recently on our homestead, we’ve started into a wonderful problem to have. Our dairy goats are now giving more milk than what we can drink. So, what can you do in such a situation? You know that goat milk  or home raised cow’s milk is like liquid gold.

Here are a few of the things that we do when we have too much milk. Number one, we make cheese and yogurt. Certain kinds of cheese are easily frozen for later use. George especially likes cheddar cheese as a freezable cheese. Yogurt, we make slightly less of. Though, it also can be frozen. Yogurt can be made into absolutely scrumptious ice cream.

A pound of homemade goat cheese. This cuts up and freezes beautifully.

Another thing that Emily especially likes to do with extra milk, is making soap. Milk soap is extremely good for your skin and it often will sell fairly well if you can find the right audience to buy it. Also, obviously you can also sell extra milk. However, I would caution you, that you can’t count on that. Sometimes, the supply will be greater than the demand and you won’t be able to get enough buyers to keep up. Something we have done however, is swap milk with someone for something like a pig that is ready to process. That only works though if you find someone who wants the milk and is willing to swap a pig for a season of milk.

One other thing that can pay back in a fairly sizable way if you have the land, is buying a bottle calf. We raise them on our extra goat milk from spring until the fall. We keep at least one bull calf for beef. That one stays with us until he’s two years old. The other calves that we buy will stay with us until the fall at which point we will sell them at a profit. We usually get a pretty good return on the calves we buy.

Emily hugs Calf Brisket Bottle Calf


Hopefully one of the ideas for extra milk will help you out. If you would like to learn to make your own yogurt from scratch, check out our yogurt making course. We also have milk kefir in a probiotics course which is another excellent use for your extra milk.

Until next time,

Homestead In Health Ya’ll!



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